Individual psychotherapy or counselling

What happens when we first meet?

If you’re interested in starting therapy, the first step is to get in touch with me, so we can arrange an initial meeting.  There's no commitment involved at this point and it will give us the opportunity to talk about the different options available to you, to answer any questions you might have, and to consider how your needs might best be met.

How long does therapy last?

Therapy can be ongoing and open-ended, up to many years.  Therapy can also be short-term, in which case we might agree to meet for 8 or 12 sessions. 

The length of your therapy is something we will talk about at our initial meeting.


If you do decide to start therapy, your session will be at the same time/day each week.  Each session is 50mins.  

Fees for individual sessions are £50/session.  If this seems unaffordable, you may want to consider group therapy - which research shows is just as effective as individual therapy, yet works out considerably less expensive.

Want to know more?

Please send me an email & I’ll be in touch soon.

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